This Number Changes Everything in Your Online Service: Conversion Rate

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The Set Up Playbook:

😭You are focusing on the Wrong Numbers!

Numbers that will leave you hungry for more and never full….😪

🗣️Here’s The Thing About Metrics and Conversion Rate  

Likes, followers, and shares= NOTHING for the backend of your Online Service. You know that part that feeds you?

They might give you the Tingles , and have people look at you differently 🤭, but if you are here for business they don’t mean Diddly Squat! 😳

Tragic, I know. 😭

💣Here’s The Truth About Metrics and Conversion Rate

Most of your real success in business is behind the scenes.

Unless you speak it about it, nobody’s gonna know. ***How would they know?😆***

Spend more time there, than watching the numbers everyone can see.

👩🏾‍💻Here’s An Action Plan for your Metrics and Conversion Rate

  1. Set action goals for everything you post, such as clicked link, engaged, Dm’ed me, Opt-ins, or subscriptions. ( you can do if for followers too, if it floats your Ego Boat! 😘)
  2. Divide those goals by the number of people reached by what you post.
  3. This is your base conversion rate.
  4. Focus on improving that number by 1% weekly.
  5. Lastly, think about every action a person has to take to become a client or buy a product with you and improve that conversion rate too!

These numbers can also be pretty painful to look at when you are first starting off.  It's just like looking at your weight on the scale or how many calories you are about to eat, BUT those numbers make you want to change and they give you a way to improve!

Plus, let me tell you about that feeling when they do improve by 10-50% it’s like no other!!


Additionally, don’t just look at metrics on the backend of your platforms, but actually track them!!

So that means opening up Google Docs, setting them up, and giving them a regularly review…so you can improve every week!

Thats how you can compare and contrast and even make small changes to see if you can get bigger results.

You willing to take on this challenge?

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