Online Service and Funnel Strategist

Set Up Strategies & Systems to Uplevel

Your Online Service So You Can:

Online Service and Funnel Strategist

Set Up Strategies & Systems to

Uplevel Your Online Service So You Can:

Set up FOr Success

With a visionary foundation

Set up FOR Growth

With intentional paths for sales


Set up for Impact

With strategic systems

Leave "I Give Up" Behind

With tangible metrics so you can grow drama free

Can You Relate To This? You Are A

 who dreams of freedom, while upleveling the lives of others:

YOU DREAM OF IMPACTING AND TRANSFORMING LIVES while growing a Legacy business & Brand

You want to bring in Value-Based Clients & have them seeing you as their Go-to-Expert & Motivator

You want to understand the key steps & outcomes your online service needs to inch closer to the vision you have for your life

You dream of unlimited & scaling sales (passive income baby!) so you don't hustle for every dollar

But You Are Frustrated  &  Overwhelmed with Setting up & Sustaining online!


You are over having 1-to-1 clients with no time or unaligned clients leaving you frustrated with your results


You are done with juggling content blackholes that bring pity likes & Vanity gROWTH but no sales


TECH, METRICS, & ORGANIZATION ARE NOT YOUR STRONG SUITs, but you know You need tools to help you grow


MOST OF ALL YOU Just DON'T GET HOW this online business thing works & Are two steps away from giving up on your dream

Here's The Thing:

 AN online Service cannot scale to your dreams with  vanity Metrics , 1-to-1 clients, & Referrals alone it needs to be set up like a  powerful system that gives you Time to serve & grow while nurturing Leads + making sales in the background!


Set up Your service with Rizzy

"thE Key Problem: YOU NEVER SET Up your Service to run like a Strategic Online Business IN THE FIRST PLACE!...."

 But, It doesn't have to sTAY that way: 

you can Set Up your Online Service  to be 

⤻Visionary for you , Magnetic to your clients, and Strategic for sales⤺

 sO YOU CAN Attract the audience you Want, automate & Ascend the SALES YOU NEED, and inch closer to the  freedom you Daydream about.

 an EMpowering System that sets you up for sustainability!


Let me show you how….

Introducing The Set Up System

Set Up your Online Service into a multi-income system with

intentional and automated sales and growth, while optimizing for freedom.  

Set Up Service Foundations

Set Up an intentional, goal-digging, and sustainable business so you can deeply "get" your clients and build a profitable solution to their problems at different budgets, needs, and desires.. 

Set Up Marketing Systems

 Set Up strategic and purposeful marketing with minimum effort & maximum impact, (make every message count towards the big picture) so you look like a knowledgeable expert and earn like one too ( without the burnout). 


Set Up and position magnetic plug & play platforms with paths for sales on repeat (in the background and automatic), so you can attract reciprocating clients who NEED you and transform your service. 


Set Up nurturing and community building  strategies, so you can build up and create ideal clients while transforming and impacting lives.

The results you desire only need Strategy and Intention to become reality.

YOU can set that up! Let me show you how…

Hey, I'm Rizzy!  

Online Service Strategist and Funnel Builder By Rizzy

Online Service and

Funnel Strategist

I help upleveling Service Pros set up and build out multi-income business systems so you have time to grow and serve while fast-tracking your path to freedom.

The Set Up is a 4-Phase System that brings intentionality and automation to your online business.

With my guidance, you can set up strong business foundations and leave any “I give up” behind. 

Years Web Design

Years Digital Marketing

Digital Set Ups

Years Consulting

Hermilia – Upleveling Fashion Service

Rizzy is very professional and helpful and has an easy system to hold my hand as I am a business owner who wants to navigate off of Amazon. She is very sweet, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for teaching me how to put visibility on my business!

Bedya – Upleving Travel Agent

Working with Rizzy I now feel professional with a business I want my clients to perceive. I highly recommend using Rizzy for building a magnetic business.

Felicia- Upleveling Author

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first.  Rizzy came along and simplified everything for me; from organizing my marketing strategy to finding a way to reach my audience, to what to post on social media. Her System has been instrumental to the success of my launch and the following sales. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.


Your Online Service Set Up Plan:

Plan and Prep Your Set Up so you can be fully prepared and fully committed to your business vision. The best way to do this is with The Set Up Prep Book for those who need a vision or the Set Up Blueprint for those who want to systematically grow their vision.

 Take dedicated and intentional action on your set up so you can show yourself and the world what you bring to the table, while bringing you more time and adding more value to your online business. #WINWIN You can do it yourself using various options like The Set Up Accelerators or let me guide you with The Set Up Strategy Program or create it for with The Full Set Up System. Pick what best fits your business, budget, and needs so  you can get a taste of Set Up Success!

Navigate a sales, marketing, and funnel system that is set up to reach your current business goals & dream vision. Then Optimize & Repeat!

Online Service Set Ups:

Transform Your Service into an Multi-Offer Service Business

Set Up Your Online Strategy

How to Set Up Your Online Service Business & Quit your 1-to-1 Service "Job" without starting over in the next 90 minutes.…

Set Up Your Online System

How to go from Trading "ALL YOUR TIME" for Money to Resetting Your High-Ticket Service for Leverage & Sustainability in the next 10 days.

You have the goals and the dream.  Now set it up to work!

For You.

For Others.

For the world.

 It's Worth It!


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Learn the 5 steps to create a signature business system with your online service or expert skills so you can set up your growth & results.

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